Event Venues in Portland, Oregon

Portland, also known as, the “City of Roses”, is a lovely place for an event. For guests visiting from out of town, Portland is an easy plane flight from almost anywhere. There are plenty of activities in Portland to keep guests busy during off time and there are lodgings available in town to fit almost any budget. More information on Portland, Oregon.

Outdoor Venues
Some of the most beautiful event venues are outdoors. For large parties and other events, the outdoors also has the added benefit of providing lots of space at an affordable price. Portland has many parks throughout the city, which can make attractive, fun and affordable locations for events.
Portland Parks with Reservable Wedding Sites
Rental Information for Portland Parks

Indoor Venues
Get out of the rain! Portland has many indoor venues for events large and small. From Bed and Breakfasts up to the large event centers in town, there is sure to be a location that is exactly what you are looking for.

Indoor/ Outdoor Venues
The best of both worlds, indoor/ outdoor venues provide the beauty of the outdoors along with the controlled environment of the indoors. For instance, get photos and have a lovely outdoor wedding then enjoy an indoor reception without wind, rain or insects to interrupt your fun.

Event Cruises
Searching for a unique wedding or event venue that is sure to provide guests with an event they will remember? Cruises provide entertainment, scenery, fine dining and memories.

Take Home Gifts
Once you decide on a venue for your event, there are lots of other decisions that you will need to make. Here is a suggestion: instead of the usual goody bags, why not send guests home with something that will really provide them with a memory of your event? Photos from one of our photo booths and the always fun flip-books make great take-home souvenirs.

More Locations
Have a recommendation for a great place to hold an event? Send it over to submissions@gophotoevents.com. Let us know why this particular place is special. We’ll add worthy venues to our lists. Event venue listings are free.

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