Green Screen Photos | All the Rage!

Green Screen Photos. Instantly Printed.  On Site.  Anywhere.

Green Screen photos are the perfect addition to any event you may be planning.  At Go Photo Events, we specialize in providing green screen photo fun at special events throughout the western United States.

Drop in any background behind you, we supply all the technology, and within minutes and produce green screen photos at your special event.  Promotions, Tradeshows, special events, carnivals, grad parties, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties and much, much, more!

Our green screen photo capabilities can offer your guests to let down their hair and have a blast, capturing real fun experiences on camera!  We can pop in any background.  We can drop your favorite subject in on the front of a magazine, and we can transport any person, any time to the beach, to the wild west, in front of a hot car, or just about any where you can think up.

Green Screen Photos Service areas!

Here are just a few of the areas we offer our green screen photo experiences in the western united states!

Green Screen Photos in Oregon!

From the rolling hills in and around the Ashland Shakespeare festival, To the nike campus in Beaverton, to the fabulous resorts in Bend, all the way to the music scene in Eugene, out to the beach in Lincoln City, at the Pendleton roundup,  and all around Portland, Salem, and even where they make that fabulous Tillamook cheese!

Arizona Green Screen Photo Fun.

From the hills of  Flagstaff, to the streets of Phoenix, all around the Scottsdale area – resorts, fashion square mall, and everywhere anyone wants to be.  We often travel to Tucson the birthplace of the sonoran hotdog (yum), and even Yuma, when we get a call!

Nevada Green Screen Photos:

Serving all of Nevada, including fabulous Las Vegas, all the hotels, conventions, tradeshows, weddings and events, all the way to Reno (the biggest city on earth), and of course Henderson.  We also serve the Carson city (what a town) and Lake Tahoe areas…  because if you are going to nevada, you better go Tahoe!

Green Screen Photos- We also serve Montana:

The entire state, from Billings- to Helena, Butte, and even the mountain town of Missoula.

We also serve the state of California from time to time!

Out in the middle of the land of Bakersfield, all the way to Berkeley,  from the cliffs and views around Big Sur, to the quaint streets of Carmel, the beach town of Eureka, to  Fresno, and the cali side of Lake Tahoe, all over Los Angeles, Malibu, Monterey, up to the hills of Shasta around Redding, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco (where it gets foggy and we love it!), all over San Jose, Silicon Valley, and through the napa valley, wine country and even to, Yreka- one of the last stops north before Oregon

And we could never forget to offer our Green Screen Photos in Idaho.

Our founders grew up and have family in Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, Pocatello, Sandpoint, Twin Falls – and all over the panhandle state.  So if we did not serve there, well, we would be dis-owned.