Instant Photos in Phoenix

Why Wait For Photos?
Not long ago, photos required a good deal of patience. Once you finished shooting your roll of film, it had to be brought to a lab to be developed. Sure, there was 24 hour developing and later 1 hour developing, but it still meant waiting to see the results. The last roll of film I brought into a lab, not one photo was any good. Probably something wrong with the camera (one of the disposable variety), but the whole stack ended up in the trash, and I was stuck paying for it. Worse, my event was not documented.

Instant Photos Give Instant Results
You can still use a traditional camera and take photos on film. Some professional photographers get amazing results that way. But with the options currently available, why wait for photos? Our instant photo printing capabilities allow you to have photos of your Phoenix event immediately. If something is wrong, for instance, someone made a funny face in the photo, you’ll know, and you can take another picture instead of finding out weeks later when everyone has gone home.

School Photos Right Away
Use to be school photos meant the class all stood in line and had their picture taken one by one. Weeks later, the students each got the photos they ordered. Often the photos were less than ideal. Perhaps the kid made a face, slouched, or wore a dirty shirt. Instant photos for school pictures are great! There is no waiting and wondering if the photos will turn out. You get the photos right away, so if a child makes a face, you can retake the photos. Instant photos can’t make your kid wear his (or her) best clothes to school, but they can give you the opportunity to check and make sure school portraits are satisfactory before it is too late to retake them.

Instant Photo Options
There are lots of great options to choose from with instant photos. For school photos, sports teams, and other events, the Basic Instant Photos might make the most sense. The Basic photos can be customized with different backdrops and themes. Theme Photos are great fun for parties and events. Choose from Celebrity Impersonator Photos, Cool Car Photos, Motorcycle Photos, Old Time Photos, Pirate Photos, Western Photos, Wedding Photos, Red Carpet Photos and more.

Photos at Phoenix Events
Instant Photos are a great option for Phoenix Events. Use them for weddings, reunions, store openings, dances, parties, benefits, fairs, and all sorts of other get-togethers. If you are looking for other entertainment for your event, take a look at AZ Party Rents for great inflatable and interactive games.

Instant Photos Are Sure To Add Instant Fun To Any Phoenix Events!