Green Screen Photos Phoenix

Green Screen Photo activity available for weddings, grad nights, receptions, corporate events, holiday parties, promotions, marketing, and festivals, carnivals, and all types of special events.

Everyone love’s taking home photos from an event, and they especially love posing for them.  Go Photo’s Green Screen system gives you the option to choose from any backdrop you can imagine!

If you are planning a special event and want to have a great activity that your guests will love – our green screen photo activity is a sure fire hit.  People love photos, and they love posing- our green screen system gives us the ability to drop in any background behind you!

Green Screen Photos perfect for every type of event are now available in Arizona.  Go Photo Arizonaoffers tons of fun green screen photo options to meet your every need. We take on all kinds of special requests.  Green Screen has the ability to drop in any background to fit any party theme, promotion, or branding need. Not only do we have an endless supply of awesome digital backdrops, but we also include great props for your guests to pose with when taking their green screen photo!  We can take your to the  pyramids in Egypt, put your guests on the cover or vogue or times, or on the Wild West Frontier. Go Photo’s Green Screen Photos are always a smash hit.

Go Photo offers numerous photo options for your special event. Photo Booth Rentals in Arizona are now available!

Combine Instant Photos with our Green Screen and you will have a guaranteed smash hit! Get a red carpet, sit on santa’s lap, get the easter bunny, a celebrity impersonator, or just a plain white background. Instant photos can add a special authenticity.

Can’t Decided on a Venue or need more help?

Go Photo offers tons of help when choosing a venue in Arizona. Make sure to book the venue as soon as possible once you find one you like. Good venues fill up rather quickly, so remember to make a reservation before the date of your event becomes unavailable.

Go Photo Events Offers Tons of Photo Rental Options!

Imagine the ability to transform yourself to the bahamas, onto the cover of a magazine, into the desert, or anywhere in the world!  Our green screen capabilities offer all kinds of great backdrops which are fully customizable for any special event- can fit any theme, any crowd, and are a huge success!

If you are planning any type of special event and would like to consider this awesome activity – please do not hesitate to contact us!