Flip Photos are Fun!

Flip Photos for parties and events!

Looking for a great idea for your next party, gathering, or special event?  Try Flip Photos from Go Photo Events!  We have a huge selection of event photo keepsake services- but the Flip Photo books are hugely popular!

We have been renting photo booths, and offering all kinds of event photo keepsake and photo entertainment services for parties and events of all shapes and sizes for a long time, and we still do offer those services.  Our new photo flipbook services are a huge success though at countless parties, events, receptions, gatherings, promotions, and more!

When it comes to determining the right solution for your upcoming gathering, please take a moment to browse our website here and hopefully you will find the perfect solution for your special event!

Flip Photos – Photo Flipbooks – Fliptography

What to call these fun little animated flipbooks is always a question.  they are just like the flipbooks you made when you were a kid- but instead of having a stick figure, these little flip photo books have full video imagery printed directly on them.  Best of all, the production time is 90 seconds on a typical flip book.  So this means we can pump them out like crazy at your next special event!