Photo Flip Books

The Photo Flip book is an excellent addition to any event.

People love taking pictures.  People go crazy over the chance to take a moving photograph…

At GO! Photo Events we know the events photo industry inside and out.  We offer everything from these great photo flipbooks, also known as fliptography, or video flipbooks, to photo booth rentals, and even instant print photo stations (which come in a variety of themes.)

Photo Flipbooks are used for a variety of different applications related to special events.

At many events they are used as a keepsake for guests.  The Flipbook can be utilized to create a fun keepsake for just about any gathering.  We can customize the flip book with your logo, event date, time, occasion, or any custom text.

In some cases customers want to use the flipbooks for specific presents for individuals.  For instance- we had a bride who was interested in giving each of the bridesmaids a flip book of the bouquet toss.  We have also had customers who create flipbooks of them and their pets.  Corporations have used flip books as a great way to teach their staff new rules.  Essentially we can create a photo flip book out of most any moving image you can think up.

Video Flipbooks work best when the photo’s are taken against a white background- so you can get a clear image of the photo subject.  Too much happening in the background can sometimes create an unclear result because the eye is not sure where to look/where the focus is.