Portland Wedding Reception Ideas!

Wedding Reception ideas in Portland, OR!

When it comes to planning something new and exciting for your upcoming reception- Go Photo Events has the answer! Our photo activities are popular with all ages of guests and are an excellent activity which is not loud, obtrusive, and will not steal the focus at your special event.

There are many different styles of photo solutions which we have to fit the specific needs of your special event.

Fun Photo Flip books are hugely popular with all types of crowds. Essentially this activity involves a small 10×10 area where we set up a video camera for your friends and guests to act goofy in front of- we capture them at their goofy best and create on site and animated flip book of them! It is great fun and can be themed to fit any party or event.

We also have old fashioned western photos which are hugely popular at special events of all shapes and sizes. People get to dress up in old time western wear- and we print out a black and white photo of them and place it in a classic western photo frame.

Another popular solution for weddings is our Photo Booth rental services- we rent photobooths in Portland and throughout the Western United States for all types of parties and special events!