Wedding Party Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas for things to do at your wedding party?

Wedding party ideas, and activities for wedding receptions that are memorable.

At Go Photo Events, we provide party entertainment for all kinds of special events and gatherings. One of our most favorite events to serve at can be a wedding party or reception. Every bride is looking for something interesting, fun, and different to do at their wedding reception- here are just a few ideas as to things we can provide to make your wedding reception a hit.

wedding photo

wedding photo

Photo Booth Rental – A Photo booth rental is the perfect addition to any special event you may be planning. The added bonus to doing a photo booth rental at a wedding event is that you get copies of everyone’s pictures (and how often do you get pictures of people in their best clothes!)

Green Screen Photos – Green screen photos are a lot of fun- especially because people love to take pictures. But added to that, with green screen- we can add in a back drop behind the person which transports them across the world to rom, or to a tropical paradise with the click of a button!

Photo Flip books – Taking a few seconds of time and turning it into a book is a hugely popular activity for any event. People love this activity at wedding receptions.

Instant Photo Solutions – In addition to any of the above photo event ideas- your wedding can be made a hit by including a simple photo station where people get a photo taken and placed in a commemorative frame right before their eyes. People love getting photos taken, and we love providing our photo services for special events.