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There are several different routes you can take when picking out what kinds of photos you would like for your wedding. Weddings get expensive very quickly, so it’s important to save money where you can. Below are a few options for photos that wont cost you an arm and a leg.

Photobooth Rentals

Recently renting photobooths for weddings has become the newest rage. Photobooths take up a small amount of space and give your guest a great souvenoir for your guest to take home. Customize the header on top of your photo strips for your special day. You can add the day, place, time, and more!

Guest always rant and rave about the photobooth. They will line up again and again just to get another picture. Renting a photobooth also saves the cost on hiring a professional photographer to take photos at your reception.

Go Photo Events has great photobooth options that wont empty out your wallet.

Disposable Cameras

Place out a few disposable cameras on each table at the reception. Guest will love having control of the camera. Its a great way to get candid pictures and a great way to get photos of your wedding from the guest point of view. Guest can take the cameras home or leave them for you, either way they are great. This option is very inexpensive, creative and different. Your guests will appreciate having a whole roll of pictures to take home from your wedding.

Hire a Friend

Got a friend who has a million albums on facebook? Or someone who is nifty with the camera? Heck, someone who just owns a nice camera? See if they can take pictures at your wedding. Work out a deal and see how much they would do it for. Or maybe it could be their wedding gift to you. It will save you tons of money and is a great way to incorporate your family and friends into the ceremony.

There really are endless amounts of options when it comes to photos for your wedding. Call your event planner and discuss your options.

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